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In the search of the skiing paradise, Mała Franowa – Furmanec (Jezersko) – Bachledowa Dolina

The route leads from Mała Frankowa towards Furmanec and goes down to Bachledowa Dolina [eng. Bachledowa Valley]. read more

The trail starts in the northern part of the village and immediately turns right from the road. Later, the yellow trail, with the bicycle trail, takes us through the forest to the ridge and after we climb Furmanec (1037 meters above sea level) it gently goes downhill. After approximately 1.5 kilometres the blue trail joins it from the right side and it leads to Jezerska. Yellow signs, on the other hand, lead to Mała Polana and then through the glades they go down to the Bachledowa valley. Turning right on Mała Polana, one can get to Ždiar and further in the area of Rzepiska, the highest peak of the Spišská Magura. The last phase from the Bachlodova Valley leads on the asphalt road. The signs end by the bus stop situated at the exit of the valley by the domestic road no 67.

The course of the trail: Mała Frankowa – parting of the blue trail behind Furmanowa until Jezerska – arrival at the junction of the trails on Mała Polana, going downhill to Bachledova valley – bus stop by the domestic road leading (towards the north-western direction) to Poland.

Length of the trail: 8,5 km

Elevation 400 m

Crossing time: min. 2 h 30 min, max. 2 h 45 min

GOT points: od 12 do 13 punktów


Map „Tatry Polskie i Słowackie” [eng. Polish and SLovakian Tatra Mountains], Compass Publishing company, edition I, 2012.

Information from the boards placed next to the objects.

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