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Is it possible to experience real adventure together with the your closest family? Do you love your mum and your dad? Your grandma and your grandpa? Your children and grandchildren? Give them your time. Teach them a healthy lifestyle. Make weekends and holidays invariably adventurous. The Beskid Wyspowy Mountains, the Gorce Mountains and the Spis region are marvellous places to meet nature, for tourism and leisure. For everyone, for your entire family. read more

Depending on the age and the family’s physical condition we can choose a bicycle, a car or a bus as a means of transport since travelling will be the basis for the variety of our experiences. The combined solutions (a car and a bicycle or a bus and a bicycle) are also possible. The accommodation can be booked in hotels, guesthouses, agritourism farms. A tent is also a good option. The choice depends on the tourists' preferences and the funds available. The trail has been devised to guarantee an inexpensive, yet successful, full of adventures, 14-days’ holiday. If weekends are your only option – divide the trail into parts which suit you best or choose only the points you find particularly attractive at the moment. You can decide to visit particular places or facilities when you've got only a single day at your disposal.

The 14-days’ adventurous trip example option:

Day 1 – we set off from Krakow. We go along the route 964 to Dobczyce – the route is 31 km long. It takes nearly 45 minutes to cover it by car, 3 hours by bicycle; Point on the route: Dobczyce

Day 2 – we continue our journey heading south. 18 km further, we reach the Cistercian Abbey in Szczyrzyc. It takes approximately half an hour by car, and less than two hours by bicycle at a relaxed pace to get to the destination. Point on the route: Szczyrzyc

Day 3 – we head for Jurków. We head south, cross route 28 in Dobra and go further south. We reach our destination 16 km further. It takes merely a quarter of an hour by car and an hour and a half by bicycle to get there. We spend three days in Jurków. Point on the route: Jurków

Day 7 – we move to the next Zagórze region village, Mszana Górna. It takes less than 15 minutes to cover the 12-kilometres’ route by car and an hour by bicycle. Point on the route: Mszana Górna

Day 8 – we set off along the route 968 to Mszana Dolna. We go along route 28 to Rabka Zdrój – the route is 25 km long. It takes less than 45 minutes to cover it by car and 3 hours by bicycle. We stay in Rabka Zdrój for the next three days. Point on the route: Rabka Zdrój

Day 12 – we go to Kacwin, where we stay until the end of the holiday. If we don’t travel by car, the best option is to go to Nowy Targ by train in order to avoid the heavy traffic on the Zakopianka route. It’s possible to take the train both from Rabka and from Chabówka. The train travel will take approximately 45 minutes. Alternatively, it’s possible to take route 47 to reach Nowy Targ (30 minutes by car, 3-4 hours by bicycle).

Among the must-see places, there is definitely the market square in Nowy Targ. The town has the original preserved medieval town plan with the central square, the town hall, and the perpendicular streets coming from the four corners of the square. Currently, there is the Museum of Podhale in the old town hall building, the collections of which include i.a. the woodcarvings by Edward Sutor, a self-thought wood-carver. On sunny and warm days, it's absolutely necessary to spare some time to queue a little in order to taste the delicious ice cream sold from the windows (on the market square, Rynek 26, 25, and 9). Visitors need to know that, in recognition of the traditional recipes used for ice cream production, the ice cream of Nowy Targ were entered on the List of Traditional Products maintained by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

We leave town to continue the journey along the picturesque route 969 as far as Kacwin (the 34-kilometres' route will means nearly an hour's drive and over 3-hours’ cycling). Before we reach the Czorsztyn Lake, we stop to rest a little in Dębno and admire the unique beauty of one of the most valuable wooden architecture monuments of Małopolska – the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. The distance between the market square of Nowy Targ and Dębno is 14.5 km, and it takes 20 minutes to cover it by car and a little more than an hour by bicycle (route 969). Point on the route: Dębno

Dębno is situated less than 20 km from Kacwin, one of the oldest villages in the Spis region. It takes 30 minutes by car and two hours by bicycle to cover the distance. Points on the route: Kacwin, Białka River Gorge at Krempachy, Niedzica, Czorsztyn, Rafting down the Dunajec River

One-week stationary suggested holidays: accommodation in Kacwin. Points on the route: Kacwin, Dębno, Białka River Gorge at Krempachy, Niedzica, Czorsztyn, Rafting down the Dunajec River

Suggested weekend routes:

Accommodation – Szczyrzyc. Points on the route: Dobczyce, Szczyrzyc

Accommodation – Jurków. Point on the route: Jurków

Accommodation – Mszana Górna. Point on the route: Mszana Górna

Accommodation – Rabka Zdrój. Point on the route: Rabka Zdrój

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