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Carpathians without barriers - Relaxation without barriers, including: The treasures in the Besids valleys

Renata, a mountaineer who had an accident and fractured her spine while she was climbing the mountain. She cannot walk, but this does not mean that she had to say goodbye to the mountains. She still wanders around the Tatras mountain trails. Jarek lost his both legs in the accident where he was affected by an electric shock. He did not need them, however, to reach the Mount Kilimanjaro. Let's set off on a journey, following Renata's and Jarek's trail. We advise those who can't traverse them on their own legs on how and where to reach the summit. It is not easy, but it is possible. And it is becoming even more and more possible as there are less and less barriers in the Carpathians. read more

Carpathians without barriers is a trail dedicated to physically disabled tourists with mobility impairments using the active wheel chairs or the hand-bikes.

The sight of the wheel chair does not surprise anyone, but the hand-bike (a three wheels bike driven by the strength of arms) – particularly in the cross country version – is still a novelty in Poland, and it is a shame, because it allows the disabled to reach to places that are inaccessible for standard wheel chairs. What is important – trained hand-bikers can often set off on a trail on their own, without help from the able-bodied fellow traveler. Usually, such a support is necessary in case of the trip on the wheel chair.

Pioneers, whose examples are worth to follow, blaze the trails. In the Carpathians, it is a disabled mountaineer Renata Kałuża, who did not resign from her beloved Tatra Mountains, even though she lost the use of her legs. She traverses mountain paths, even the rocky ones, on a three wheeler.


Renata is not an exception. Jarosław Rola, who constructed a cross country three wheeler according to his own idea, started taming the mountains in the Sudetes. When he burst forth through the barriers of Polish tops, he reached Mountain Kilimanjaro.

More and more people using the wheelchairs in the urban areas come to like the hand-bikes. To see the presentation of the equipment, used by the disabled cyclists, including films of what the three wheeler is for, go to:

The Carpathian trail without barriers is the first attempt to collect in one place the most interesting suggestions of trails available for people who cannot walk for various reasons. However, one must remember that this trails (with a few exceptions) are not easy to traverse. One must be prepared for the diverse surface, with surprises typical for mountainous roads, therefore it is worth to remember even about the possibility of changing the punctured tube in the wheel. If we are not traveling in the three wheeler, it, it would be vital to consider the possibility to change the wheels of the wheel chair into the cross-country ones.

We marked our suggestions with asterisks, distinguishing the roads into easy ones and those requiring good form and training.

This is the key identifying the approximate degree of difficulty of trails:

* It is possible to reach this destination without effort

** The track is easy, but it requires good form

*** The track of medium degree of difficulty

**** Difficult track

***** Very difficult track

Friendly places recommended by the disabled:

Restaurant & Pizzeria „U Zosi”

Flisacka 35b Street, Szczawnica

There is a driveway to the restaurant, there are also tables outside

(grand toilet, but without handles)

Friendly places recommended by our disabled friends:

Tavern „U Madejów”

Pienińska 6b Street, Szczawnica

Ground floor, there are also tables outside

(grand toilet, but without handles)

Bar „Pstrąg u EDA” [eng. „Trout at Ed's”], Łosie 210, Ropa

Ground floor, there are also tables outside

(Grand toilet, but without handles)

Grange „Stara Winiarnia”

Ogrodowa 2 Street, Mszana Dolna

Easy entrance, straight inside from the parking,

there are handles in the toilet)

Restaurant & Pizzeria „Hydropatia”

Nikifora 1 Street, Krynica

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