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Mysterious Carpathians with the adrena-LINE and the geological pill

The trail leads through the most interesting „rocky” places of the Beskids, Pieniny and Tatra Mountains for the enthusiasts of the climbing who know how to use the safety climbing equipment. We decorated the offer of trips „with the adrenaline” with the portion of geological knowledge and curious details connected to every stop on the trail. read more

Let's go for a passionate journey at the bottom of the primeval Tethys Ocean which was inhabited by ammonites – marine peers of dinosaurs. Accursed in the rocks, they can be seen during climbing. Maybe a fossilized armour of ammonites turns out to be a good handle... During the journey we will also come across the trace of the prehistoric man and all the time we will be following the trails of legends and curious details. The compass will go mad, showing South instead of North, we will touch the rocks which are 300 millions old, where the tomb was supposed to be built, we will make friends with bats and we will face the climbing road, which was overcome only once.

It is best to travel by car between the successive stops. The route is planned in such a way to it is possible to overcome it in two weeks, stopping in every place and trying various climbing options on different kinds of rocks – sandstones, limestones or granites.

It is not difficult to find in each described spot the place of accommodation, the parking and a tavern with good, regional food. We suggest to start our trip in Ciężkowice, in the Tarnów county, where from we will go first to Bukowiec (Nowy Sącz county, Korzennna municipality), Rożnów (Nowy Sącz county, municipality Gródek nad Dunajcem), Nowy Sącz, on top of the Wdżar mountain (Nowy Targ county, Czorsztyn municipality), at the Białka river in the Krempachy (Nowy Targ county), to Jaroniec couloir in the Western Tatras (Kościelisko municipality) and finally to the High Tatras. One can also start his or her journey in the Taras and follow the trail opposite way.

THE ROUTE: Skamieniałe Miasto [eng. Petrified Town]: <49°46′37′ N 20°57′50″ E> , Diable Skały [eng. Devil's Rocks] <49°45’02" 20°50’28">, Rocks in Rożnów <49° 77.583' N 20° 69.927' E> , Rocks above the Kamienica in Nowy Sącz <49° 59.580' N 20° 73.674' E> , Przełęcz Snozka [eng. The Snozka pass] and Góra Wdżar [eng. Mount Wdżar] (49° 16' 36.96", 19° 51' 25.72" (49.27'22.2''N, 19.11.7''E)>, Przełom Białki [eng. Białka gorge] <49.428777°N, 20.124094°E, GPS: 49° 43.766' N 20° 15.579' E>, Jaroniec <+49° 16' 36.96", +19° 51' 25.72" (49.276933, 19.857144)>, Kościelec, <49°13'31' N 20°00'52'E>, Mnich <49°11'33'' N 20°03'18'' E> and roads in the area of Orlej Perci [eng. Eagle's Path] < Kozi Wierch : 49.218601N, 20.028500E; 49 13'06.58'' N 20 01'46.64''E, Zamarła Turnia [eng. Dead Alp] 49 13'12'N, 20 01'29'E>

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