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With the view on the Orthodox churches, Żegiestów-Zdrój – Pusta Wielka – Senior Shepherd’s House PTTK [eng. Polish Tourist House] at Wierchomla – Krynica-Zdrój – Powroźnik – Leluchów – border of the country

The blue trail shows the charm of the Beskid Sądecki – the Strip of Jaowrzyna Krynicka and Dubny. The trails is around 60 kilomtres long – we advise to divide the walk on it for few days – holding on only to the blue stripes, or by rule of the small loops relying on the towns. It is possible to stay overnight in the towns where the signs lead to, or at the mountains – in the Senior Shepherd’s House PTTK at Wierchomla or in the nearby resting place PTTK on Jaworzyna Krynicka. read more

The trail starts by the railway station of Żegiestów-Zdrój and leads along the deserted buildings of the health resort.

The blue signs lead through the monumental sanatorium, then on the path next to the springs and the old closed down well-room. Further, the trail takes the tourists to the edge on a long traverse, later showing the direction of the mountain of Three Crosses, in order to lead through the meadows to the road which takes you to the village of Żegiestow.

Before the Pusta Wielka the blue trail is joined by the yellow trail. Both trails lead next to the top where one can climb using numerous treaded paths. Further, the road takes you tens of kilometres down to take you to Jaworzynka (1001 meters above sea level), and it later goes down to the open ground where the ski lifts start. The yellow trail separates itself by the chapel while the blue trail leads on the edge through the Długie Młaki towards the Senior Shepherd’s House at Wierchomla.

Next, the trail leads you out to the Runek, where it is joined by the red trail, the so called Main Beskidy Trail. After 500 meters the trail turns aside from the edge towards the eastern direction and it is joined by the yellow trail in the area of Drabiakówka. Behind the Krzyżowa pass, where the green trail is inter-crossing, the yellow signs temporarily separate themselves in order to join the trail after 800 meters. Both colour lead towards the Krynica-Zdrój.

The trails of the health resort Krynica-Zdrój lead by the entrance to the promenade near the well-room and they lead you out for the Góra Parkowa [eng. Park Mountain]. From this moment they initially lead together to Palenica, where the yellow trail walks off to the road leading to Tylicz.

The blue trail leads further on the edge to Powroźnik, onto the Czarne Garby [eng. Black Humps], where the yellow trail from Muszyna joins it. In the area of Dubne the yellow trails walk off to the East and the blue ones lead further to Kraczonik towards Leluchowo.

The trail finishes by the train station near the Polish – Slovakian border.

The trail leads from Żegiestowo-Zdrój under the Pusta Wielka, towards the Senior Shepherd’s Tourist House PTTK by Wierchomlą, Krynica-Zdrój, Góra Parkowa, Powroźnik towards Leluchowa – the Polish –Slovakian border.

The course of the trail: Żegiestów-Zdrów – joining of the yellow trail – area of Pusta Wielka – Jaworzynka – Wyżnie Młaki – little chapel – parting with the yellow trail – Senior Shepherd’s Tourist House PTTK by Wierchomla – Runek – joining the red trail - Czubakowska – parting with the red trail – joining of the yellow trail – Krzyżowa pass – crossing with the green trail, parting with the yellow trail – joining of the yellow trail – Krynica-Zdrój – Góra Parkowa – Szalone – Bradowiec – Powroźnik – Czarne Garby – joining of the yellow trail – Dubne – departing of the yellow trail – Kraczonik – Leluchów, Polish – Slovakian border

Length of the trail: 59 kilometres

Elevation 900 m

Crossing time: min. 11 h 30 min, max. 11 h 50 min

GOT Points: from 59 to 59 points


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Information from the boards located by individual objects.

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