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The Extreme Carpathian Mountains

Overcoming fear and weakness and pushing your limits are inherent features of human nature. Prac-tising extreme sports is a popular way of satisfying those needs. The unpredictable elements of earth, water and air of the Carpathian Massif and Carpathian Foothills will give you the thrill and the unique atmosphere you’re looking for. read more

Extreme sports are still becoming increasingly popular. This is a broad notion including many sports disciplines. However, specifying which of them should be included under this concept is a problematic issue, which is often subject to discussions among experts in the field. Despite this, it is possible to define some common elements characterising extreme sports. They undoubtedly require special skills and are associated with danger and a high risk of injury. Such sports give you an adrenaline boost and guarantee extreme sensations. From the medical perspective, adrenaline boost is not caused by fear or anxiety but from the raised level of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin produced by the system as a result of intense physical exertion.

The lie of the land in the Polish Carpathian Mountains is perfect for extreme-sports enthusiasts. There is no other region of Poland so rich and diverse as Małopolska. The mountainous areas of the Tatra Mountains, Pieniny and Beskids offer great potential for speleology, climbing and mountain biking. The rapid and meandering rivers are perfect for rafting and mountain canoeing. Gusty winds and frequent air pressure jumps are ideal conditions guaranteeing thrills during flights, aerobatics or parachute jumping. These elements embody risk and difficulty, and seem to throw out a challenge to overcome your fear and encouragement to combat your weaknesses. Those who won't take the challenge will never reach the peak of their possibilities.

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