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The underground life of the Carpathians

A series of trips to the caves accessible to tourists and to a few caves that require the visitors to have some more skills. First, we visit the Tatra caves and then we move to the Beskids. read more

The underground life of the Carpathians is an opportunity to visit caves with various degrees of difficulty situated in the Tatra Mountains and in the Beskids. We start by visiting the Jaskinia Mroźna cave that can be planned alongside a hike through the Dolina Kościeliska valley with no additional preparation.

Even the youngest participants can take part in these trips. With a little help from their parents, even three-year-old children are able to visit these places.

Other caves require us to equip ourselves with a good source of light and proper clothing.

The caves situated in the Beskids are a bit different. The majority of them were formed as a result of tectonic movements. You have to be extra careful when visiting these caves. They are recommended rather for grown-up enthusiasts of cave exploration.

THE ROUTE OF THE TRAIL 1. Mroźna Cave, 2. Smocza Jama Cave, 3. Raptawicka Cave, 4. Obłazkowa Cave, 5. Dziura Cave, 6. Mylna Cave, 7. Zimna Dziura Cave, 8. Zbójecka Cave in Łopień, 9. Diabla Dziura Cave in Bukowiec

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