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The regional dances trail is the result of a lack of comprehensive information about the dances of particular regions. All regions included in the trail are unique. Each of them has its own soul, dynamism, customs and culture. Dance is an expression of the human mind, soul and emotions. A human being expresses through dance his or her own desires, ideas and personality. read more

Just as every person is unique, each region has its own identity too. The dances of the Lachy Sądeckie group differ from the dances of the Lachy Limanowskie group, even though their regions have a common border. Each region shows its vividness and uniqueness.

Most characteristic dances of the region included in the trail are in a way its emblem. The viewers can move for a short time to the Sądecczyzna Land, Limanowska Land or Szczyrzycka Land. They can pay a brief visit to Polish highlanders from Łącko, Babia Góra, Podhale, Pieniny and Spiš. They can call on the Pogórzans of the Sądecczyzna Land and see the uniqueness of each of these groups.

A very important part of the regional dances trail is the film footage attached to the description of each dance. In addition to admiring the dancers and the way they dance, the viewer can see the costume and characteristics of the region. Bands that represent a specific dance act vigorously for the benefit of their region, revealing its beauty and uniqueness. They are the winners of numerous prizes and awards in the competitions arena, not only Polish, but also international.

Regional dances constitute a field that reveals Polish cultural heritage. Therefore, the regional dances trail is designed to familiarise the viewer with the uniqueness of the country on the Vistula River and to show the extent to which the area is rich in culture and folklore. It also aims to present Poles as those who respect and cultivate ancestral folklore, which must not be overlooked. It is a living memento of Polish culture, the culture that is rich and extraordinary.

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My, Małopolanie - widiwisko