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A historical voyage through mountain memorials

The trail entitled "A Historical Voyage through Mountain Memorials", aimed at depicting the mementoes of the broadly understood human activity in the mountains, can be symbolically divided into three parts. read more

The first part consists of tributes to the activities of soldiers – partisans or confederates that fought for the broadly understood notion of freedom. Thus, while getting to know it, we can reach the following stops: The "cursed" priest; Riflemen on Łabowska; Three men from Konieczna; Partisans from Ostra; "Błysk" on a mountain pasture; Taken by surprise; Revenge with tragic consequences; Forest – our home, weapons – our wives; Home Army soldiers on the Sucha Pass; For the partisans and the people; Lasy Groby (Forest Graves) in a literary sense; A symbolic grave in memory of the fallen and The everyday life of the Home Army.


Another part of the route directs our steps and thoughts towards those who "stayed in the mountains forever" as a result of air accidents and who are commemorated by means of the places indicated as: California Rocket forever in Gorce; Rescue despite a tragedy and An unexpectedly ended flight; A scheduled flight that ended tragically; It was only years later that their names came to light.


Let our tour be summarised by getting to know, with the help of commemorative plaques, the places where people for whom the mountains constituted the centre of their lives died, or rather gave up their lives along tourist trails: A life carved in a plate and attached to a rock in memorial; Epitaphs for mountaineers; A composer and a mountaineer in one body; A passion for mountains; A brave guardian of nature.

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