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A Carpathian ride through bridges and tunnels

Come and experience a journey in time and space through bridges and tunnels that lurk within the Carpathian Mountains. What you’ll discover as the trail unfolds will not only be remarkable road engineering structures, but, above all, extraordinary stories – unearthed from the dusty chronicles and conjured from the memory of the local dwellers… read more

Come and experience a journey in time and space via the bridges and tunnels trail. What you’ll discover will not only be remarkable engineering works, but, above all, extraordinary stories – unearthed from the dusty chronicles and conjured from the memory of the local dwellers.

With each stone you pass along the Carpathian trails, extraordinary stories can unfold… Where can you find the largest stone bridge hand-crafted by one man? What does “the Small Emma”, a secret weapon of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, have to do with the bridge in Gorce? And what was it that Krzysztof Kieślowski saw from the viaduct in Grybów? Get a better insight into these and more mysteries by embarking on the “Carpathian Ride” trail. Travel back in time to when “His Majesty the Emperor”, also known as “the old fart”, lived. Learn about the birthday present he was given by Parliament, and how had this “iron gift” assisted the development of a Galician health resort. Stop in a small village by Lake Rożnów to see a farmer by the name of Jan Stach putting up the largest of stone structures there is. Visit Nowy Sącz, caught in the conflagration of war, as a fireman saves a bridge from a German bomb…”The Carpathian ride” is a ride accompanied by the whistling sound of steam locomotives, the clutter of chisels and the explosion of sapper bombs. Off we go!


To discover the Rożno Highland, why don’t you start off from Znamirowice (Nowy Sącz District, Łosina Dolna Commune, only 17 kilometres from Nowy Sącz), where Jan Stach’s stone bridge extends over the forest gorge. Soak up the city’s atmosphere as you stroll along the Old Town. Head from the city centre towards Lwowska St. to get directly to the Adam Michalewski Bridge on the River Kamienica.

Next head for Kamionka Wielka (Nowy Sącz District), within 9 kilometres of our current location, to later cover a further 14 kilometres and get to Grybowa (Nowy Sącz District), featuring the highest railway bridge in the Małopolska region.

From Grybów we move on to Żagiestów (about 50 kilometres to cover) down the route via Krynica-Zdrój. It’s worthwhile making a stop in this popular health resort to put your feet up.

After Żegiestów, your next destination, some 65 kilometres away, is Ochotnica Górna (Nowy Targ District, Ochotnica Commune). When making your way down the Knurów Pass, in addition to panoramic views over the Tatra, the Gorce and the Beskid Sądecki Mountains, you’ll come across an extraordinary object of Austro-Hungarian military engineering, a bridge over the Bartosówka stream. At this point, you’ll be just 20 kilometres shy of Krościenko on the River Dunajec, where the twin bridges will lead you to Szczawnica, another health resort worth stopping in.

If it’s more convenient for you to start your trip from Krościenko on Dunajec, the aforementioned trail can be covered the reverse way. You can traverse the trail by going on a one-day flash trip, or plan a longer and more inquisitive journey into the local scenic towns and health resorts. A train ride down the picturesque Poprad Valley will certainly be a thing to remember as you enjoy your “Carpathian Ride.” Also, if you travel without a car, it might be a good option to continue your travel from Grybów to Krynica-Zdrój by train.

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