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The Carpathian Literary Trail

Are you ready to trace the footsteps of the writers, poets, and their protagonists around the remote parts of the mountains? Walks not just around the Beskidy, but also the Gorce, the Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains? All this comes with a collection of quotes and curiosities about the creative minds and the places they were led to by fate. read more

Get on the train called “literature” and it will take you on a fascinating trip around the Carpathians. We are going to travel in time through various literary epochs, follow the paths of legends, jump over streams of prose, and climb the lofty rocks of poetry. The stations we will be stopping at are linked to both prominent and popular, and forgotten or underrated writers.

Along the way, we will fall in love with Adam Asnyk - only to be rebuffed. Moreover, we will cure a sore throat with Maria Konopnicka, drink the “Devil’s Potion”, visit the “hideout” of Seweryn Goszczyński, and discover the body of a 17-year-old virgin in the vaults of a certain monastery. In addition, we will get to know who bred llamas and why Józef Ignacy Kraszewski was not afraid to go to a popular resort when war was just about to break out.

The journey is planned in such a way that it can be made in a car. Some writers and poets will also make us wear sturdy footwear and embark on a mountain hike to follow their footsteps. However, during the walk, you will encounter no problems finding a bed for the night and something “for the body”.

Let’s start the journey in “Karczma Rzym” (The Rome Inn) in Sucha Beskidzka. The next stops will be Zawoja and Babia Góra, Naprawa, Rabka, Niedźwiedź, and Łopuszna (with possible crossing through Gorce), Zakopane, and Tatra paths, Szczawnica, Stary Sącz, Rytro, Muszyna, Krynica, Nowy Sącz, Zakliczyn, Szymbark (the Wincenty Pol trail to Wysowa-Zdrój), Wołowiec, Biecz, Odrzykoń, and Żarnowiec. Needless to say, this literary journey may also be taken in reverse order, or selectively.

THE ROUTE OF THE TRAIL - coordinates:

Sucha Beskidzka (Marii Konopnickiej St.: 49.741230 N, 19.599201 E; Karczma Rzym: 49.742644 N, 19.601642 E) - Zawoja (49.666667, 19.566667; Babia Góra: 49.573333, 19.529444) - Naprawa (49.663333, 19.876944) - Rabka Zdrój (Sądecka St.: 49.611419 N, 19.946708 E) – Niedźwiedź (49.6211000 N, 20.0801900 E) – Łopuszna (Tetmajer Manor: 49.4733000 N, 20.1275600 E; Tischnerówka: 49.4750400 N, 20.1317900 E; Cemetery 49.4715000 N, 20.1286700 E; Wysznia: 49.5222000 N, 20.1376000 E, Kiczora: 49.5396000 N, 20.1486800 E; Turbacz: 49.5431900 N, 20.1110800 E) – Zakopane (49.3, 19.95), detailed coordinates given in the descriptions – Tatry (detailed coordinates in descriptions) – Szczawnica: (49.422778, 20.482778) – Stary Sącz (49.5625, 20.636389) – Rytro (49.49 N, 20.667777777778 E; Rogasiowy Szlak: 49.48488 N, 20.64765 E; Niemcowa 49.437778 N, 20.655 E; Chatka pod Niemcową: 49.443408 N, 20.645928 E) – Muszyna (Ogrodowa St.: 49.348109 N, 20.896676 E; Jerzego Rolanda St.: 49.357474 N, 20.900066 E, Public Library: 49.356803 N, 20.896375 E; Regional Museum: 49.35465 N, 20.894444 E; castle ruins: 49.360017 N, 20.879488 E) – Krynica (49.411667, 20.955) – Nowy Sącz (49.625 N, 20.690833 E) – Zbyszyce (49.716667 N, 20.666667 E) –Wincenty Pol Trail (Szymbark: 49.619167, 21.096944; Magura Małastowska: 49.556111, 21.221667; Wysowa-Zdrój: 49.434722, 21.178611) - Gładyszów (49.533333, 21.266667) - Banica (49.531944, 21.311111) – Wołowiec (49.520278, 21.351389) - Biecz (49.731944 N, 21.2625 E) – Odrzykoń (49.742522 N, 21.786178 E) - Żarnowiec (49.688302 N, 21.668662 E).

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