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The tasteful and boozy Carpathians - Traditional Products

The trail of culinary specialities from the Carpathians is aimed mainly – but not exclusively – for adult enthusiasts of traditional drinks. A barrel of information about often "forbidden" specialities will get "sloshed" with related interesting facts. read more

Recipes passed down from generation to generation, the secret formulas disclosed only to the closest people, stored in the recesses of one's mind, carefully nurtured and restored... Embark on a journey in their footsteps.  A journey that is unusual and intriguing. Why unusual? Because in the middle of it, you will meet extraordinary people who have a passion and enthusiasm to cultivate the traditions and we will hear their stories. Why intriguing? Because sometimes you will balance on the edge of what is legal and taste the "forbidden fruit."  The fruit that reportedly tastes best ...

During our journey, we will get to know how one of the parish priests coped with the drunkenness of the Highlanders and what was the apparent reason of one neighbour killing the other one.  We will visit the area where gold is born on a stone and we will taste a delicacy that for years was delivered to Pope John Paul II.  On our way, we will have a cake with ... beans and we'll find out which strong drink is best for marital disputes. We will plant the beans in our own garden for which the Muscovites used to imprison people and we'll pit ourselves against a dumpling so big it could serve us for a boat ...

Our main "guide" is "The List of Traditional Products" and the next stops may force us to conduct further research on our own. The expedition begins in Tropie at Mrs. "Bean" (Jasia Fasolowa) (Gródek nad Dunajcem Commune, Nowy Sącz District), then we move onto "The Plum Trail" to Iwkowa (Iwkowa Commune, Brzesko District), Sechna and Żmiąca (Laskowa Commune, Limanowa District). From there, the trail will lead us through the Sadecczyzna Land to Kamianna (Łabowa Commune), Łomnica-Zdrój (Piwniczna-Zdrój Commune), Podegrodzie (Stary Sącz Commune), Łazy Brzyńske and Łącko (Łącko Commune).  The last stop will be in Czorsztyn (Czorsztyn Commune, Nowy Targ District).

It is better to visit the next stops of the trail in the spring and summer when the "tradition" reigns at regional events, when herbs bloom in the gardens and trees bend under the weight of the fruit.  However, there is nothing in the way of visiting only select places, even "virtually".

ROUTE OF THE TRAIL - coordinates:

Tropie (49.796198, 20.658324) - Iwkowa (49.816278, 20.588865) - Sechna (49.754821, 20.567729) - Żmiąca (49.74922, 20.520473) - Kamianna (49.521197, 20.946021) - Łomnica-Zdrój (49.43911, 20.744154) - Podegrodzie (49.576188, 20.5882) - Łazy Brzyńskie (49.516015, 20.513091) - Łącko (49.558068, 20.435243) - Czorsztyn (Drohojowskich St.: N 49 26 12 E 20 19 42)

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