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“Amber and Jewellery – tracing beauty and health”

The idea of the “Amber and Jewellery – tracing beauty and health” trail harks back to “the Amber Trail” which is marked out within Poland under the international Greenways Programme. Within this trail, amber epitomises a perfect local product that has brought about the prosperity of people and place within these areas. However, it is important to remember that the archaeological research on the Polish side of Orava has so far not confirmed any affiliation with the ancient amber transport routes. read more

Promoted in Małopolska, the contemporary amber trail marks out a bike route and offers local thematic loops featuring historic sites, Nature and local events. The “Amber and Jewellery” trail builds on some of these places as well...”

Of course, amber is not merely a subject of archaeological or historical interest, but a symbol of health as well. The route will therefore also include places inscribed on the Carpathian Map of Adventure, allowing you to fortify your health both medically (e.g. Rabka) and spiritually (Kalwaria Zebrzydowska).

Our trail’s additional theme is jewellery, also through analogy of amber being used in the production of these goods, so our proposition includes places where you can have a look at pictorial renderings of diverse historic jewels (e.g. Sucha Beskidzka, Jordanów). The selection of sites on “Amber and Jewellery” trail ensures a broad thematic variety and offers some scenic sites along this, essentially, homogenous route.


Within the Orava amber trail, along the borderline of Jabłonka and Lipnica Wielka communes, you can expect the following: the Babia Góra National Park, the Orava Ethnographic Park, pasture lands and shepherd huts, hostels, and hydrogen sulphide springs.


Amber is enjoying an ever-growing popularity as an ingredient of health and beauty remedies, therapies, and procedures. Used in treating thyroid and rheumatic diseases, it is believed to have restorative, protective, and anti-radical properties. In the field of beauty, it serves as an ingredient in skin care lotions, bath salts, and perfumes.


Archduke Rainer Ferdinand of Austria was born in 1827, in Milan, to the nephew of Emperor Francis I. He was the chair of the Imperial Council, and commander-in-chief of the Dual Monarchy’s Landwehr. He came to be known as an enthusiast and patron of art (he purchased a collection of papyruses from the Faiyum Oasis).


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