The Privacy Policy of the website

  1. General Information
    1. he operator of the website is the SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre, ul. Długosza 3, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
      The Carpathian Europe Institute Branch, ul. Narutowicza 9a, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
    2. The Website can obtain information on users and their behaviour on the website by
      1. their voluntary entering of information on forms.
      2. the storing of cookies on a terminal device.
      3. the collecting of web server logs by the hosting operator (the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region, ul. Basztowa 22, 31-156 Kraków).
    3. Access to the Website is possible on the domain names:, i
  2. Information on the forms
    1. The Website collects information provided voluntarily by the user.
    2. In addition, the Website can store information on the connection parameters (time designation, IP address).
    3. The data on the form are made available to third parties only at the user’s consent.
    4. The data given in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of the particular form.
  3. Information concerning cookie files
    1. The Website uses cookie files.
    2. Cookies are IT data, in particular text files which are stored on the terminal device of the Website User and are designed for use of the web pages of the Website. Cookies usually contain the web page name from which they originate, the time of their storage on the terminal device and a unique number.
    3. The entity sending cookie files to the terminal device of the Website User and obtaining access thereto is the Website operator.
    4. Cookies are used to:
      1. maintain the Website User’s session (after logging on), thanks to which the User does not need to enter the login and password on each subpage of the Website;
      2. create statistics which indicate how Website Users use websites, which makes it possible to improve the structure and content of these sites.
    5. Two basic types of cookie files can be used within a Website: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies, which are stored in the User’s terminal device until the User logs off, leaves the website or closes the software (Internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s terminal device for the time determined in the parameters of the cookies or until the User removes them.
    6. The software for browsing web pages (Internet browser) accepts cookies by default and stores them on the terminal device of the User. Website Users can change these settings. The Internet browser facilitates the removing of cookie files. It is also possible to block cookie files automatically. Detailed information about the possibilities and methods of managing cookies is available in the Help tab and documentation on the Internet browser
    7. Limitations on the use of cookie files may influence certain functionalities available on Website pages.
  4. Server logs
    1. Information on some users’ actions is logged on the server. This data is used solely for website management and to ensure the most efficient way of providing hosting services.
    2. The browsed contents are identified only through URLs. The following may be saved:
      1. request submission time;
      2. reply time;
      3. client machine name – identification through HTTP;
      4. information on errors occurring during an HTTP communication session;
      5. the URL of the previous website visited by the user (referer link) – in case the Website was accessed from a link;
      6. browser type information;
      7. IP address
    3. The data above is not matched with specific persons browsing websites.
    4. The data above is used solely for server administration purposes
  5. Data disclosure
    1. Data may be disclosed to external entities only to the extent allowed by the applicable legal regulations.
    2. Data allowing a natural person’s identification is disclosed only with that person’s consent.
    3. The Operator may be obliged to disclose information collected by the Website to authorised institutions in case of a request based on applicable regulations. Information shall be revealed solely within the scope arising from a given request.
  6. Managing cookies – how are permits granted and revoked?
    If a user does not want to receive cookies, s/he may change browser settings. We have to stress that switching off cookies necessary for authentication, security and keeping user preferences might hamper or – in extreme cases – prevent the using of websites.
  7. Disclaimer
    1. The operator of the website does not bear any responsibility for the content or opinions expressed by the website’s users in comments or descriptions. They belong solely to the users who express them.
    2. Any materials contained on the website are free of charge. The website users and the team preparing it are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the materials.
  8. Links to other pages
    The website may contain links to other www pages which are owned and managed by independent entities. The operator of the website does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, content or availability of information available under the links provided on the Website. The presence of such links on the website shall not be construed as the operator of the website taking responsibility for the content of the target website.